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  • Paca Plus
  • Company: Paco Project
  • Release date: Aug 13, 2011
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Freeware: No
  • Genres: All-Ages, Comedy, Romance, School-Life
  • EGS Score: 50 out of 100 from 4 votes. (What is this?)
  • VNDB
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Summary: The main character, Saeki Kazuma, had a wonderful school life surrounded by many friends and his girlfriend. One day at this time, in the bus on the way back from "Alpaca Kingdom" with his girlfriend, Izumi Yukari, he just woke up and found that there was some lovely thing next to him...
" What a .....!!!!!????"
Instead of Yukari sitting next to his bus seat was a fluffy alpaca.
" What's the matter Kazuma?? You shouted all of a sudden..."
The alpaca looking at Kazuma with wondering eyes talked exactly like his girlfriend Yukari.
And this is how his summer with alpaca begins.
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