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Summary: Waking up injured, a man finds himself in a small village after being rescued by an apprentice physician. Having no memory of who he is and a mask he cannot take off, he decides to live with the other villagers peacefully. But peace is fragile, as a single event in their village plunges himself and his fellow villagers into a path of war.
  • [Fuwanovel] Utawarerumono.torrent
  • Instructions
  • Requires install: No
  • Requires non-unicode set to Japanese: No
  • File Size: 2.65 GB
  • Enjoy the game and help seed if you can because my server has limited throughput. Share if you like.
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If the game is very fast set your colors to 16 bit.
  • If you are playing the voice.exe version, the game does crash: 'When nicknames are given'.
  • To get past it save right before the scene. Run the utaware-dvd.exe version and save after the scene is done.

  • Also 64 Bit does crash after every save BUT the save still works(!). 32 Bit does not have this problem.
  • Make sure you are not still seeding the torrent when you play because the bittorrent client locks your files into read-only and causes problems with saving.